July 10, 2017 Bob No comments exist

Verai… What? Veraison! Veraison is the onset of ripening when the vines slow down their focus on shoot growth and turn the majority of their energy to ripening the grapes. During this time there is a rapid accumulation of sugar, while there is also a decrease in acidity. The berries soften and become juicy along…

July 8, 2017 Bob No comments exist

We love our Ornate box turtles here at the winery. Their hinged shells which give them protection from predators are a work of art. Did you know the patterns on their underside are different and act as an identifier much like a fingerprint? Cheers to the Kansas state reptile!

June 12, 2017 Bob No comments exist

The 2017 vintage is looking delicious already! This is our Marquette, our first harvest of the year. Shortly, it will enter veraison, during which time the grapes will rapidly accumulate sugar and these grapes will slowly turn from green to red. Harvest is coming!

May 30, 2017 Bob No comments exist

We love all of our creatures here on Bacchus Ranch, regardless of their size. This is a Western painted turtle. Isn’t the red great? This is the first one we’ve seen here. Being a water turtle, our rain has definitely been to its liking. Cheers to cool critters!