Originating in the Loire Valley of France and one of our winemaker’s favorites, lovely and inky Chambourcin possesses abundant cherry, plum and raspberry notes as a young wine, and is a favorite with food pairings such as hard cheeses, sausages, or as an accompaniment to a succulent Kansas steak. Aging Chambourcin brings out its more complex caramel and chocolate flavors. In fact, enjoying Chambourcin with chocolate is a truly special treat!


Using the rare Noiret grape, our winemaker allows its parentage to shine through with typical spicy black pepper and bright fruit aromas. Noiret is a natural pairing for foods, such as roasted vegetables, salmon, duck or a succulent Kansas steak. Fantastic on a cool fall afternoon or light spring evening, Noiret is truly a wine that can be enjoyed at any time of the year. Though a bottle is a great gift for friends, we know they’d appreciate it more if you enjoy it with them.


A rare and finicky grape, our limited production Rougeon Reserve possesses lovely stone-fruit and dark cherry aromas paired in a rich ruby-red wine which has been expertly lightly oaked to pair wonderfully with hard cheeses, rich roasted meats, and fine friends. One of our favorite examples of our winemaker’s skills, Rougeon is truly a rare treat. Enjoy it while available.

Storm Chaser RedStorm Chaser Red

Get back in the saddle and enjoy the wild ride with this delicious semi-dry red wine. Rope in a bottle of Storm Chaser for a relaxing way to wind down your day. The flavors and aromas combine in a stormy mix of sweet and dry to knock your socks off! Storm Chaser is reminiscent of the unpredictable weather in our area of the world – something we look forward to and relish here, along with a glass of this wonderfully fruity wine.

Purple GrinPurple Grin

A lovely sweet red wine to toast to your health and the beautiful Kansas prairies, Purple Grin is the wine that makes you proud to be a Kansan! Enjoy a glass of this fruity wine on a warm summer day, a cool fall evening or a snowy afternoon by the fire. Purple Grin will make others purple with envy!