Many in the wine industry believe that wine should only be enjoyed in its driest, least sweet form. Why? Many of the finest wines in the world such as Sauternes and Rieslings are sweet wines. We often have customers approach us somewhat sheepishly at tastings hesitant to tell us that they prefer sweet wines, perhaps expecting us to tell them they shouldn’t. Please don’t expect us to. A famous ice cream chain makes 31 flavors for a reason. We all like different things, and sometimes it can just be determined by our mood.

Here is my message: Drink what wine YOU like. Period.

We are a nation that likes fully loaded sweet soda. We are in love with sugar. Would a coffee shop ever offer a customer a purchase of coffee without offering cream and sugar and instruct them that they must only drink the coffee black? I am guessing probably not.

I drink my coffee black, although from time to time I add cream, for no particularly clear reason. My wine preferences are dry red wines, although I will often start with a white wine, or perhaps a slightly sweet wine before or after, depending on the weather, time of year, or on a whim. You may like sweet soda, or coffee with cream and sugar, making the odds that we might enjoy the same exact type, style or dryness of wine unlikely, but then again, who knows what mood is striking.

My point is this: Please don’t expect us to attempt to force you to like a certain type or style of wine. Please allow us to help you find a wine you will like and enjoy. Wine is very special to us and your enjoyment of it, and the experience of it, is much more important than to try to talk you into enjoying something you don’t like. We handcraft all of our wines, dry or sweet as: Serious wines for a seriously good time. Please, drink what you like, enjoy, and have a good time.


-Bob DesRuisseaux


Prairie Fire Winery

Paxico, KS

The prior is not meant as a commentary on sweet verses dry wines, but is presented to help give you a sense of our winery philosophy on wines and what we strive to deliver to our customers.