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January 18, 2018 Bob No comments exist

Topping up barrels to pay the Angel’s Share (or Angel’s Tariff.) The Angel’s charge this Tariff for allowing the wine to age. Up to 2-5% of the total volume can be lost to evaporation in a year, depending on the humidity. One down, forty-two more to go. Those Angel’s are sure thirsty!

November 28, 2017 Bob No comments exist

Here in Kansas harvest usually begins around the middle of August each year, but when does it officially end? Is it when the last grapes are picked at the end of September? Hardly. While white wine grapes are pressed immediately upon harvest from their skins, red wine grapes are fermented on the skins, and punched…

August 21, 2017 Bob No comments exist

We had an amazing Marquette harvest Saturday. We more than doubled our harvest of last year. Thanks to everyone that came out to help, You all picked your grapes off! Cheers!

March 10, 2017 Bob No comments exist

We love when our bottles travel as gifts and are truly honored when they are taken to share a piece of home with others. Several of our wines made the journey as host gifts. Thanks for taking our wine to Oz and for the great photo! Thanks Henry! Cheers!

August 8, 2016 Bob No comments exist

Our Kansas grown grapes that make Authentic Kansas Wine love our soils and slopes here in The Flint Hills!   Harvest… Is… Coming!…   Wine is grown, not made. We’re proud of the hard work we put into our vineyard everyday. Each grape varietal ripens at a different time, so the logical question would be: How do…

March 29, 2016 Bob No comments exist

We grow Kansas vines. Now we also grow Kansas Vineyards! We’ve begun propagating our strongest Kansas vines to expand the number and acres of Kansas vineyards. Vineyards normally order in vines from out of state. Wouldn’t it make sense to  propagate our strongest and best producing vines that have proven themselves in this weather and our soils? We thought…