2014 Harvest & Crush is Here!

August 20, 2014 Bob No comments exist

The 2014 harvest and crush is now underway. Our winemaker crushed Kansas Frontenac into the fermentation bin this morning. They smell and taste wonderful. Unlike white grapes, red grapes are not pressed immediately and are fermented on this skins. They are punched down a minimum of three times every day in order to extract the color and tannins from the skins.  See the photos below to see this mornings process. There is also a link (it will not show a preview of a video) which is a video showing the grapes dropping into the bin from the crusher. Cheers to great Kansas Wine!

Prairie Fire Kansas Wine Crusher Destemmer
Frontenac in the crusher/destemmer. The grapes are lightly crushed then the stems exit out the side and the grapes drop out of the bottom.
Prairie Fire Kansas Frontenac Starting in bin
Kansas Frontenac grapes dropping out of the crusher/destemmer into the fermentation bin.
Prairie Fire Kansas Frontenac Wine grapes
Kansas Frontenac grapes getting ready for fermentation to begin.


The link to this video shows the grapes dropping from the crusher/destemmer: IMG_1562


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